Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of questions we commonly get asked.  If you are at all uncertain about what logs you should be buying from us please don't hesitate to contact us by telephone on 016977 2297 or email us

What is kiln dried firewood?

Our firewood is dried on our site in a purpose built kiln, fuelled from the off-cuts from our workshop.

The resulting logs have a water content below 20%.  With little moisture the logs will burn efficiently and give you the maximum heat benefit in your stove or open fire.

Our logs are ready to burn as soon as we have delivered them to you. 

For any wood fuel purchased make sure the wood is stored under cover and in the dry.

Which wood is good to burn?

Both hardwood and softwood are great for burning on fires and in log stoves.  Because of their density hardwoods will burn for significantly longer on an open fire than softwood.  In a log burning stove the advantage of hardwood over softwood is less noticeable.

Softwoods are considered more sustainable than hardwoods, because they grow faster and are more readily available.

Avoid burning any waste woods, such as old pallets, as their may be noxious gases and residues produced.

What to look for when buying firewood?

If you don’t have a moisture meter you can often get an indication of whether logs are newly felled, partly seasoned or ready to burn by:

  • Weight – when comparing logs of similar size and the same species; wet wood is heavier
  • Sound – a hollow sound when tapping indicates dry logs
  • Cracked ends – can indicate dry wood logs
  • Bark - the looser the bark the drier the log
  • Colour – dry wood can be light in colour
  • Price – wet wood is cheaper as it needs further drying before burning
Do you deliver to my area?

We offer FREE delivery in the Brampton area.

How should I store my firewood?

Logs should ideally be stored in a weather proof, dry, ventilated area, whether that be a log store, a garage or shed. Ensure the floor beneath the logs is kept dry and well aerated to get the best burn from your logs and keep them in the best condition.  If your floor is damp prop the logs up on wooden battens so that they are off the ground.

How long can you keep firewood for?

If you keep your logs in a well ventilated, dry storage space they should last for years!

Smoke control areas

Remember: If you are in a Smoke Control Area you can only legally burn wood on a 'Defra Exempt' stove.

You could face a fine of up to £1,000 if you break the law.

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